No names.

2010.02.13 - 23:51

Well, today, I don't know what kind of names I can give to this entry, yeah, I'm too lazy to find a name, but I think it's a kind of "creativity" to put a name like this, right ? ^^

I've recently found these stickers. I've absolutely forgot that I've these things, they was stored with my R&R II pamphlet ... ^o^
I will never use them, they are too precious for me, I know that stickers are useless if you don't use them, but it's a very rare thing ! <3

About me, I'm feeling a little bit better, but I'm still sick, damn, I hate this, really ... T__T

Sick, sick, and sick again ... T__T

2010.02.10 - 23:01

I seriously hate to be sick, that's a lot of pain and it's really hard for you when you want to sleep a bit in the night ...
My lack of updates here are mainly for this reason, why I've to be sick ?

I was supposed to working yesterday, but yeah, I'm too sick and tired for doing anything good ...
This virus will stay in my body surely for a few days, but for now, I just need to have a lot of rest on my bed ! =)

~From Faraway, I love you~

2010.02.05 - 07:53

That what I think of her, the title say everything I think. Km are so hard to live sometimes when you love someone you know ...
I'm not perfect, I know I made a lot of mistakes, but I just hope I will bring you all the joy and and everything you need in your life, J. L. !


2010.02.04 - 03:21

You know what ? ^^
Before going out of my house, I've played with my PSP at this game, and guess what ? I've only loaded my savedata when G appeared ! xD

I was at first interested by the game because GACKT have participed on the game with his voice, but then, when I've seen some trailers, I wanted to play to this game not only for GACKT, but for the game itself (and also GACKT ! xD) !

Tomorow, I will go working again for my job, I don't want, seriously ! T_T
I love sometimes to stay at home, only listening GACKT and beeing only on my computer watching videos ! ^o^
I will go to eat, see ya everyone, hope that everyone is okay ! :)


2010.02.03 - 23:26

I've to say that I've taken my single today in order to listening the song again, and whoah, the song is still so amazing ! <3 I also love the lyrics, so deep !
Far as I know, the PV was made at the occasion of his role in the drama Fuurinkazan, and surely the song too. I remember that GACKT have said something about the PV in Heyx3 Music Champ, the telephone box show, but I can't remember. Too bad because it was a lot of fun ! lol

About me, today, it's sunny in France, we don't have snow anymore, maybe later, I don't know ! ^^
I love snow, but I also love rain, I can watch these two things falling all the days !
Damn, I've to go out of my house, I don't want, but I've no choice ... T__T